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31. 2007 Darwin Award: The Laptop Still Works!
Oscar, a 29-year-old Chico resident, died after his Honda Accord crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with a Hummer on Highway 99 in Yuba City. The Hummer's occupants were not seriously injured. Califo
Relevance: 87.8%
6.8 KB
32. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Against The Odds, Nothing!
A Darwin AU house was saved from destruction when a bomb expert removed an explosives detonator that the resident had stored in his home for six months. Since the device had been brought home from work, it had
Relevance: 87.8%
6.9 KB
33. 2006 Personal Account: Sileage Spreader
UK | I represent an insurance company specialising in farms. Farm workers do the most insane things, which never ceased to amaze me, but this one takes the biscuit...
Relevance: 86.4%
6.4 KB
34. 2006 Personal Account: Hook, Line, and Sinker
Denmark | Exhilarated by the freedom a new license allowed, a young man borrowed a car from his uncle and took his cousin out for a spin. This particular winter was so cold that Ketting Bay froze over...
Relevance: 86.4%
6.1 KB
35. 2008 Darwin Award: A One Track Mind
July 2008, Italy | Gerhard Plattner, 68, was queued at a traffic light in his Porsche SUV. Before one reaches the light, there is a railroad crossing. As you might imagine, given Murphy's law, a train was coming...
Relevance: 86.4%
6.7 KB
36. 2002 Darwin Award: Faulty Aim Fatal
When Gerald was pulled over by police for erratic driving, he decided it was better to flee from the stolen car on foot, rather than face possible jail time for a parole violation. This was the first of two successive
Relevance: 86.4%
6.2 KB
37. 2001 Personal Account: Flat Fix Fizzles
Just when I thought you yanks had cornered the market in stoopid, this little gem occured virtually in my own backyard. After spending a considerable time in our village pub, a couple of tourists headed back to their
Relevance: 85.1%
5.8 KB
38. 2010 At-Risk Survivor: Flying Door
(personal account) When I was in the Marines, one evening I showed up for watch duty to find the NCO limping, and covered with dozens of fresh scabs. He was reluctant to reveal what caused his injuries...
Relevance: 85.1%
6.8 KB
39. 2007 Darwin Award: Stop. Look. Listen.
Florida | A woman wins two concert tickets from a local radio station. The Dave Matthews Band, live! She can't believe her luck. She invites her friend to join her, but they are in for more than a concert experience...
Relevance: 85.1%
7.4 KB
40. 1998 Urban Legend: Frog Giggin' Accident in Arkansas
Two local men were seriously injured when their pickup truck left the road and struck a tree near Cotton Patch on state Highway 38 early Monday morning. Woodruff County Deputy Dovey Snyder reported the accident shortly after midnight Monday. Thurston Poole, 33, of Des Arc, and Billy Ray
Relevance: 83.7%
7.2 KB
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