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21. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Motorized Bar Stool
Traffic officer Michael Trotter responded to assist the Newark Fire Department with a man who had suffered injuries from a crash--while driving a motorized barstool!
Relevance: 90.5%
6.4 KB
22. 2000 Darwin Award: Testing Faith
A splinter group of Jehovah's Witnesses that tests their faith by standing in traffic, lost one of their members when she was struck by a vehicle on Interstate 55 while professing her beliefs to the passing motorists. It
Relevance: 90.5%
6.7 KB
23. 2008 At-Risk Survivor: Never Change
Who would risk his life for some pocket change? A Darwin Award nominee, of course! A 35-year-old Sydney man lost some change down a storm-water drain. Most sensible people would just let it go, especially as it had bee
Relevance: 90.5%
5.7 KB
24. At-Risk Survivor: Bed Of Embers
Tennessee | A 22-year-old man was having a Bed of Embers. John's friends needed charcoal embers, and John had the means to deliver: his trusty 1978 Chevrolet pickup truck. So he put his burning BBQ in the bed of the truck, and set off down the road...
Relevance: 90.5%
5.9 KB
25. 2004 Personal Account: Blast from the Past
My father and uncle were reminiscing about their youth, and shared a rather Darwinian story. In their twenties, they succeeded in assembling one great car out of three junkers. After they accomplished this, they
Relevance: 90.5%
5.8 KB
26. 2008 Darwin Award: Merry Pranksters
The telephone company was replacing above-ground telephone lines with buried lines. One morning, local farmers reported a smashed-up pickup. Inside were two ranch hands last seen heading home after last call...
Relevance: 89.1%
6.2 KB
27. 2002 At-Risk Survivor: New Hog
Jim was pushing 60 when youthful memories of Easy Rider and The Wild One brought him to the local Harley-Davidson dealership. 'It was a mid-age crisis thing,' he told a reporter. 'I'd see these dudes with women and thought
Relevance: 87.8%
5.7 KB
28. 2014 Darwin Award: Man Customizes Car Ignition Sequence To His Peril
Scott McKimmie's purple Volkswagen Cabriolet would not be considered roadworthy by most people, but to a handy mechanic a flaw can be considered a security feature. Early on Tuesday
Relevance: 87.8%
7.1 KB
29. 2009 Darwin Award: Mock Death
November 2009, Belgium | Police received a desperate call from a man who had been attacked on a motorway near the town of Liege. When the policemen arrived, the 37-year-old man was lying dead on the ground...
Relevance: 87.8%
6.4 KB
30. 2009 Darwin Award: Double Dip
Greensboro, NC, was inundated with four inches of rain in two hours but Rosanne, 50, was not deterred. She hopped on her moped and drove to a convenience store nearby where she 'possibly had a beer' before heading home...
Relevance: 87.8%
6.8 KB
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