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1. 2000 Darwin Award: Fantastic Plastic Lover
A husband who frequently asked his wife to cover his nose and mouth with her nightie during lovemaking, decided to add a plastic bag to his repertoire of solo sex tools. Martin, 34, pulled a plastic bag over hi
Relevance: 100%
5.5 KB
2. 2010 At-Risk Survivor: Pipe Cleaner
January 2010, UK | Oh dear. Yet another man has got his hoo haw stuck in a pipe, taking many delicate maneuvers with a blow torch and metal grinder to cut him loose from the steel, might as well say it, iron maiden...
Relevance: 95.9%
5.3 KB
3. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Single Bud Vase
MEDICAL REPORT: I was a nurse on a busy surgical unit, and I received a report that a young patient was arriving with 'severe penile lacerations.' I could not imagine what this poor lad had done to injure himself. T
Relevance: 94.5%
5.5 KB
4. 2008 At-Risk Survivor: Battered Sausage
Our young hero, accompanied by his concerned young girlfriend, sought professional medical advice. Upon entering the examination room, the young man gingerly lowered his pants and asked for advice...
Relevance: 94.5%
5.9 KB
5. 2017 Darwin Award: Backseat Drivers
Double Darwin Award winners redefine 'Backseat Driving.' In a tale of Russian intelligence--or lack thereof--an amorous couple died while procreating in the back seat of their Niva SUV situated near a lake...
Relevance: 94.5%
6 KB
6. 2010 Darwin Award: Textbook Double Double Darwin
Who would park the car on a busy freeway, in the slow lane, in heavy fog, for a quickie? These things happen on the 'Via Dutra', the major freeway between Rio de Janiero
Relevance: 94.5%
6.1 KB
7. At-Risk Survivor: Shark Kiss
Florida | A scuba diver was bitten on the lip when he attempted to kiss a nurse shark. The bite was a surprise to the diver, as he had kissed hundreds of sharks...
Relevance: 93.2%
5.8 KB
8. 2007 Darwin Award: A Cow-ardly Death
Cambodia | Unwanted amorous advaces resulted in a man's death at the hooves of a violated bovine. Sounds of a scuffle culminated in the discovery of his naked body lying beneath the frightened family cow...
Relevance: 93.2%
6.1 KB
9. 2018 Darwin Award: Lovestruck Louis III
Blindly following lust, the world came crashing down upon the head of King Louis III, overzealous ruler of Francia. Despite great military success, great loss followed on its heels when a comely lady caught his eye...
Relevance: 90.5%
6.1 KB
10. 2002 Darwin Award: Shoot 'em Off
[CHANGED NAME] Lantern, 30, enjoyed playing a private game with his wife. He would pull down his pants, place the barrel of a shotgun against his scrotum, and tell her to pull the trigger. They had played this game fr
Relevance: 90.5%
5.7 KB
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