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21. 2018 Darwin Award: Mind The Cone Zone
A Wanaquer man died in a vehicle fire after he drove around barricade cones and onto live power wires in Franklin Lakes morning. A good son, Anthony G. was en-route to his father's house to shovel the driveway...
Relevance: 90.6%
6.5 KB
22. 1994 Darwin Award: Sizzling Scaffolding
At the Amarillo Fairgrounds, some buildings were in need of a coat of paint, so local contractors were hired to do the job. Between the buildings was an angled alley with a culvert in the middle, designed to drain
Relevance: 89.3%
6.7 KB
23. 2010 At-Risk Survivor: Shockingly Conductive
When I was in aviation electronics school in the service, my instructor began his class on 'Insulators' with this observation: 'Wood is a non-conductor, right? Well don't you believe it!' He had purchased an a
Relevance: 89.3%
5.6 KB
24. Darwin Presents: Christmas Tales To Keep You Safe And Warm
I was helping a friend decorate her Christmas tree. A strand of lights seemed to have a short, so she took it upon herself to fix the problem. She stripped the wires in the area and spliced them...
Relevance: 89.3%
5.8 KB
25. 2001 Darwin Award: Precarious Perch
A 31-year-old bow hunter defied tradition by getting himself killed, not with a stray arrow, but with electricity instead. The accomplished bowman had placed his hunting stand on what he thought was an abandoned utili
Relevance: 89.3%
6.6 KB
26. At-Risk Survivor: Molten Copper Shower
England | Police are hunting for a badly scorched would-be copper thief after finding a hacksaw embedded in an 11,000 volt power cable. The thief also left a lit blow torch at the scene...
Relevance: 87.9%
6.4 KB
27. 2002 Darwin Award: Sneakers
Outside a camp for troubled youths, sneakers dangled from the electricity line, presumably tossed there by a camper who enjoyed the challenge and notoriety. But the sneakers were an eyesore to one 20-year-old employee. They
Relevance: 86.6%
6.6 KB
28. 2014 Darwin Award: Crispy Copper Fries
The mummified remains of a man who was discovered in a Tucson manhole tell their own poignant story. The manhole, previously opened five years ago, was re-opened in May to investigate a fluctuation...
Relevance: 86.6%
6.8 KB
29. 2002 Personal Account: Repeat Offender
I recently created three opportunities to remove myself from the gene pool. God must have appreciated the humor I provided that day, as I was allowed to survive to share my experience with others. While working on the
Relevance: 86.6%
6.1 KB
30. 2001 Darwin Award: Killing Time
Electric trains in Glasgow collect power from the overhead cable, and transmit any excess through the rails to a solid copper cable that routes it to a power redistribution box. Copper is a favorite target for thieves. On
Relevance: 86.6%
7.1 KB
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