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1. 1999 At-Risk Survivor: Smokers Ignite!
In Thailand, a crowd of onlookers was severely burnt at the National Anti Smokers Day. A hydrogen-filled cigarette ignited explosively when an irate young man tried to cut off the no-smoking symbol with a knife.
Relevance: 100%
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2. 1999 Darwin Award: Sauna Kills Monk
An elderly Buddhist monk and three of his followers died after spending hours in a homemade herbal sauna. Five others remain hospitalized in serious condition. The poorly constructed sauna had been set up in a basement room in the Bungrasi Buddhist temple near Bangkok. The group
Relevance: 58.8%
5.4 KB
3. 2005 Darwin Award: Elephant Tail
It's no secret that elephants are big. Elephants eat hundreds of pounds of food a day just to maintain their weight. Indian elephants are nine feet tall at the shoulder, and the males have tusks that extend o
Relevance: 54.9%
6.2 KB
4. 2004 Darwin Award: Snake Man
During his snake-handling performance, Boonreung the 'Snake Man' was bitten on the right elbow by a deadly mamba. While a lesser mortal might have rushed to a doctor for a dose of antivenin, the daring 34-year-old had his
Relevance: 54.9%
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5. 1999 Darwin Award: Snake Charmer?
A man known for his snake catching and charming skills was called to a neighbor's home. They needed an emergency exorcism of a python, which had invaded their dwelling. Hie, 55, rushed into the house and emerged
Relevance: 50.9%
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