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1. 1999 Darwin Award: Wild Animal Lesson
A bus full of excited children can drive anyone to the brink of madness. Perhaps the actions of one bus driver can be explained by his proximity to a herd of shrieking kids. Xu, 41, was one
Relevance: 100%
6.2 KB
2. At-Risk Survivor: Welding Warning
If you ever find yourself with a leaking fuel tank on your motorbike, be sure to heed this lesson from a 39-year-old man from the Bukit Panjang neighborhood in Singapore. He removed the leaky tank from the bike
Relevance: 100%
5.6 KB
3. 2017 Darwin Award: Snapchat Prat
In a new twist on, 'Hold my beer and watch this!' a teen handed Snapchat to a friend and with a whoop of glee he leapt over a foot-bridge railing, intending to land dramatically on a parapet below...
Relevance: 65.9%
6.1 KB
4. 2006 Darwin Award: Rock Out
Singapore | Picture a college dorm room. Dirty laundry, sexy posters, food wrappers, textbooks, and in the middle of it all, a 16-year-old male rocking out to loud music. A typical student, a typical day...
Relevance: 65.9%
6.2 KB
5. 2008 Darwin Award: Killer Fuel Economy
A man in the town of Batu Berendam, near Malacca, was killed by an explosion while filling his tank with natural gas at a petrol station. What made the normally routine process of fueling a vehicle go so badly w
Relevance: 61.3%
7.2 KB

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