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1. 2000 Personal Account: Final Flick of Bic
A friend of mine was a missionary in Indonesia in the late 1970's. Although he was there mainly to preach, he was also employed by the local oil refinery. Indonesia, like many former colonies, had nationalized their
Relevance: 100%
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2. 2008 Darwin Award: One Foot In The Pool...
Indonesia | Charles had just completed his studies at King William's College, and his dreams were ambitious. He planned retire by the age of 30. Unfortunately for Charles, his expensive education omitted an important lesson from the curriculum...
Relevance: 72.5%
6.4 KB
3. 1998 Darwin Award: Igniting Fireworks the Easy Way
There are safe methods of lighting fireworks. There are dangerous methods of lighting fireworks. Two residents of villages in East Java were killed when they chose the latter method of ignition. Firecrackers are illegal in Indonesia. However, they can be purchased from the black market during celebrations such as
Relevance: 72.5%
6.4 KB
4. 2004 Darwin Award: Amateur Bomb Inspector
'Curiosity may have killed this cat, but no amount of satisfaction can bring him back.' The city of Ambon was on edge. Just two days before, a bomb hidden in a cookie tin along with two bottles of beer and so
Relevance: 70%
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5. 2008 At-Risk Survivor: Missionary Kid
Indonesia | I was a missionary kid, 9 years old and fascinated with fireworks. My favorites was the Roman candle. One day I had a
Relevance: 70%
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