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31. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Caps'n'Hammer Kid
Everyone does dumb things when they're kids. My dumbest decision was almost a life-altering event. At that time, caps--tiny explosive charges sold for use in toy guns--were readily available...
Relevance: 31.9%
5.7 KB
32. 2002 Darwin Award: Wrong and Wronger
Late one night, the inhabitants of Yuvieyna village, a suburb of Lugansk, awoke to a loud explosion. Not long before the explosion, a 40-year-old deputy of the local administration board had taken his dog out for a w
Relevance: 31.2%
6 KB
33. 2017 Darwin Award: One Way Ticket
Blasting apart a ticketing machine at the train station was supposed to buy him a ticket to the good life, but instead the 31-year-old purchased passage in the opposite direction, losing his life in an explosion that
Relevance: 31.2%
6.3 KB
34. 2005 Darwin Award: Chimney-Cleaning Grenade
On a Thursday afternoon around 4:30, 55-year-old Marko went into his semi-detached workshop to make himself a tool for chimney cleaning. The chimney was too high for a simple broom to work, but if he
Relevance: 31.2%
6.2 KB
35. 2007 At-Risk Survivor: Kicked the Bucket
Texas | In a world full of wonders, man invented boredom. So work time becomes play time. If you work for an arc welding company, a plastic bucket, welding materials, and a spark combine for a play date with a bang...
Relevance: 30.6%
6.1 KB
36. 2000 At-Risk Survivor: Revenge of the Gopher
Anyone who has watched the movie Caddyshack will have a good idea of the resilience of gophers. In the spring of 1995, three employees of the Carroll Fowler Elementary School in Ceres received a gopher in good co
Relevance: 30.6%
5.5 KB
37. 2009 Darwin Award: Doublemint Dumb
In a scientific quest with unknown objectives, a student of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute inadvertently performed a chemical experiment on himself with fatal results. This 25-year-old chemistry student had acquired
Relevance: 29.9%
7.8 KB
38. At-Risk Survivor: Welding Warning
If you ever find yourself with a leaking fuel tank on your motorbike, be sure to heed this lesson from a 39-year-old man from the Bukit Panjang neighborhood in Singapore. He removed the leaky tank from the bike
Relevance: 29.9%
5.6 KB
39. 2008 At-Risk Survivor: Missionary Kid
Indonesia | I was a missionary kid, 9 years old and fascinated with fireworks. My favorites was the Roman candle. One day I had a
Relevance: 29.9%
6.4 KB
40. 2007 Darwin Award: A Prop-er Sendoff
Australia | When you work as a diver on a pearl farm, there are many ways to 'buy the farm.' The head diver, known as Sharky, was not afraid to take risks to get the job done. He was a loose gun in a company of cowboys...
Relevance: 28.5%
7.3 KB
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