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21. 2004 Darwin Award: Do-It-Yourself Landmine
When Peraldo found sticks of old dynamite in an abandoned stable on the hill above his vineyard, he decided to bury the problem. Some might think that burying unstable dynamite would be...unwise. But not Per
Relevance: 39.4%
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22. 2007 Darwin Award: Timing is Everything
Indiana | Russell, 19, had a grudge against a semi truck abandoned on a rural property. And Russell was a man of action. He built a gunpowder/propane tank bomb, attached a timer, and planted it in the truck...
Relevance: 39.4%
6.3 KB
23. 2000 Darwin Award: Moscow Marauder
A man who threatened to
Relevance: 36.7%
5.3 KB
24. 1994 Darwin Award: Military Intelligence
Back in the late 70s, intelligence units in Northern Ireland were issued exploding briefcases to carry sensitive documents. These briefcases were lined with oxygen bricks. To arm the case, one simply removed a
Relevance: 36.7%
6.9 KB
25. 2003 Darwin Award: Master Welder
I heard this on radio and happened to pass the house the next day. A homeowner was doing some welding on the roof of his house at Port Macquarie in NSW. He had problems with his oxy tanks slipping, so he decided to tack
Relevance: 36.7%
6.6 KB
26. 2018 Darwin Award: Wacky Welder
The tale of Howard Miller, 39, professional welder, illustrates the pitfalls of ignoring high school chemistry with a time-saving invention. Miller spent his last moments helping weld an exhaust pipe onto a classic Holden Kingswood sedan...
Relevance: 36.7%
7.3 KB
27. 1997 At-Risk Survivor: Firewalls
There's ordinary foolishness, and then there's extraordinary foolishness. Stealing fireworks from a storage depot is foolishness. But using a welder's torch to cut through the wall of the building housing the fireworks -- th
Relevance: 35.3%
7.2 KB
28. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Mortar Fire
This moment of blissfully pure and unadulterated stupidity happened while I was building custom exhausts on a series of hot rods. Due to the exacting workmanship required, I did these jobs after hours when I wasn't distracted...
Relevance: 34%
8.4 KB
29. 2006 Darwin Award: Rolling Stones
Vietnam | A rolling stone is not the only thing that gathers no moss. Three men scavenging for scrap metal found an unexploded 500-pound bomb perched atop a hill near Hanoi, and decided to rely on a little help from Sir Isaac Newton...
Relevance: 33.3%
5.8 KB
30. 2001 At-Risk Survivor: Life's a Gas
A man attempting to commit suicide brought a tank of propane into his apartment, opened its stopcock, and waited to die. Instead he merely lost consciousness. Four hours later he revived and, forgetting the suicide attemp
Relevance: 32.6%
4.9 KB
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