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1. At-Risk Survivor: Molten Copper Shower
England | Police are hunting for a badly scorched would-be copper thief after finding a hacksaw embedded in an 11,000 volt power cable. The thief also left a lit blow torch at the scene...
Relevance: 100%
6.2 KB
2. 2006 Darwin Award: Copper Kite String
Belize | Benjamin Franklin reputedly flew his kite in a lightning storm, and discovered that lightning equals electricity. However, certain precautions must be taken to avoid sudden electrocution...
Relevance: 94.6%
5.7 KB
3. 1999 Darwin Award: Copper Caper
Wayne wanted to make a few bucks by selling stolen scrap metal. He sneaked into a demolition site and surveyed the area for valuable hunks of debris. His eyes fastened upon
Relevance: 93.9%
5.3 KB
4. 2002 Personal Account: Copper Clod
I work for the Canberra Fire Brigade. One of the more interesting jobs I've attended was an explosion called in at 1:30AM one morning. We found an abandoned pub that had collapsed into wreckage. On the third day of removin
Relevance: 93.9%
4.7 KB
5. 2011 Darwin Award: Hotter Copper Whopper
Keep away from copper, thief! Even a 10-year-old knows that taking bolt-cutters to a thick elecrical cable will kill you. How, many, thieves, have, to die, to prove that you shouldn't steal copper wire? Beside
Relevance: 93.1%
6.9 KB
6. 2014 Darwin Award: Crispy Copper Fries
The mummified remains of a man who was discovered in a Tucson manhole tell their own poignant story. The manhole, previously opened five years ago, was re-opened in May to investigate a fluctuation...
Relevance: 87.8%
6.5 KB
7. 2001 Darwin Award: Killing Time
Electric trains in Glasgow collect power from the overhead cable, and transmit any excess through the rails to a solid copper cable that routes it to a power redistribution box. Copper is a favorite target for thieves. On
Relevance: 42.4%
6.8 KB
8. 2005 Darwin Award: Heck on Wheels
Late one night, 26-year-old Joseph was blazing down the road in the Chain O'Lakes district of Syracuse on his Yamaha moped. When he saw flashing lights in his rear-view mirror, well... with the wind whistling through
Relevance: 34%
5.6 KB
9. 2000 At-Risk Survivor: Tainted Turkey
A family tradition spiraled into disaster when a meat thermometer exploded in a roasting turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The family of five decided to eat the turkey anyway, and in short order they were dialing for an ambul
Relevance: 21.2%
5.9 KB

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