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21. 2007 At-Risk Survivor: Shattered Ego
New Jersey | On a warm summer day, I was walking along the lake with a childhood friend. We reminisced about youthful summer days spent fishing on the lake. We used to put pebbles and pennies on the train tracks, and take cover as the train zoomed by and annihilated the objects...
Relevance: 80.7%
6.8 KB
22. 2007 Darwin Award: Stop. Look. Listen.
Florida | A woman wins two concert tickets from a local radio station. The Dave Matthews Band, live! She can't believe her luck. She invites her friend to join her, but they are in for more than a concert experience...
Relevance: 80.7%
7.7 KB
23. At-Risk Survivor: Catching the Boat
William, a 36-year-old carpenter, hoped to become a stunt man. He had a brilliant plan. During the Vancouver Film Festival, movie people jetted in from all over the world. He would bungee from the Lions Gate Bridg
Relevance: 80.7%
6.4 KB
24. 2010 Darwin Award: Ride 'Em Cowgirl
In THAT much of a rush? A cautionary tale for those who can't spare the time to slow down and do things properly. 14 August 2010, Kentucky Kelita Hicks was travelling 'at highway speed' down Country Road 519 in her
Relevance: 80.7%
6.9 KB
25. At-Risk Survivor: Definitely Not Deadly
Spain | The warning stated, 'Ingestion of 20 grams is potentially lethal,' but a visitor to the Mycological Conference disagreed with the official assessment of Amanita Phalloides, commonly known as the death cap mushroom...
Relevance: 79.4%
7.4 KB
26. 2002 Personal Account: Christmas Fireworks
A true tale of an event from my ill-spent youth. It was a cold, clear Christmas day, and only one gift remained unopened: a large present under the tree addressed to the entire family from Santa. My younger brother
Relevance: 75.6%
7.2 KB
27. 2008 Darwin Award WINNER: Santa Ignorância
A Catholic priest ascended toward heaven on a host of helium balloons, in homage to Lawn Chair Larry. Sitting for 19 hours in a lawn chair is not a trivial matter...
Relevance: 70.5%
12.6 KB
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