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1. At-Risk Survivor: Joking A Round
Michigan | Four friends were driving to Indiana when Leslie, 22, grabbed a gun from her friend. Leslie pointed the gun at her crotch...
Relevance: 100%
5.4 KB
2. 2009 Darwin Award: Epitaph, She Liked Feathers
A woman in her 40's was following a coastal footpath along the top of a cliff in Devon. Fencing had been put in place to protect people from falling to their deaths, but this protective fencing was no match for her...
Relevance: 98.6%
5.6 KB
3. 2000 At-Risk Survivor: Concealed Weapon
A woman tried to smuggle an automatic pistol into a high-security prison in Bogota by concealing it in her rectum. Unfortunately, she was unable to remove the weapon from its snug hiding p
Relevance: 95.9%
5.9 KB
4. 2009 Darwin Award: She Talks Faster Than She Walks
Louisiana | Annoyed at how slowly her boyfriend was driving, Tamera B., 22, encouraged him to pick up the pace so she could get to work on time. Joking that it would be faster to walk to work, she opened the door of the truck and stuck her foot out...
Relevance: 95.9%
6 KB
5. 2009 Darwin Award: Wetting The Bed
Thirty-year-old Devan-LeAnn of Shongaloo, Louisiana, was visiting Lake Ehrling with a male friend. Recent bouts of heavy rain resulted in a flood of runoff, and they decided 'it would be fun' to take a mattress
Relevance: 95.9%
6.1 KB
6. 2010 Darwin Award: Textbook Double Double Darwin
Who would park the car on a busy freeway, in the slow lane, in heavy fog, for a quickie? These things happen on the 'Via Dutra', the major freeway between Rio de Janiero
Relevance: 94.5%
6.1 KB
7. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: A Clear Lesson
I was catching up with a friend over dinner when she recieved a phone call from her college roommate, who had called to relate the following story. When the roommate was younger she accidentally ran right through the
Relevance: 93.2%
5.4 KB
8. 2009 Darwin Award: Missed (But Not Missed By) The Bus
A 24-year-old woman was ironically successful in her attempt to catch a bus in Quebec City. Clutching a can of pop, the woman ran into a restricted area...
Relevance: 91.8%
6.1 KB
9. 2010 Darwin Award: Teeming With Crocodiles
South Africa | Let's see, class. Do you or don't you go swimming in the crocodile-infested Limpopo? Do or don't leave the banks of the great grey-green, greasy river and swim in its limpid waters not once, not twice...
Relevance: 91.8%
6.4 KB
10. 2006 Personal Account: Revenge of Mother Love
Graeme was watching a Soccer Cup final on TV. As his mum set about her seemingly endless rounds of household chores, ironing and griping, she uttered the classic female complaint. 'You never pay attention to me!'
Relevance: 91.8%
5.5 KB
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