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21. 2007 Darwin Award: Breathless
An experienced rescue diver was filming an underwater video of a wreck 44 meters below sea level. He was in deep water, 9 meters deeper than the recreational diving maximum, which warrants special training and extra safety considerations...
Relevance: 86.3%
7.3 KB
22. 2018 Darwin Award: Karmic Valentine Schadenfreude
A 19-year-old and his soon-to-be-ex were walking along the beautiful Havel River, quarreling. The frustrated man suddenly shoved the woman into the icy river! She could swim, he could not...
Relevance: 86.3%
7.3 KB
23. 2014 Darwin Award: Boogie Board Blunder
Universe to Zenk, 'Hey! You are about to die!' The Mountain View man arrived at the beach with his board and flippers and headed into the Ocean. But rocky cliffs line the Pacific shores and swells of 13 feet predicted...
Relevance: 84.9%
7.1 KB
24. 2000 Darwin Award: Short & Sweet
'People injured or killed in the Michigan firearms deer season include a Bay City man shot in the leg while trying to photograph his dog holding a rifle, which accidentally went off.' 'Something strange is happening to t
Relevance: 84.9%
8.3 KB
25. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Agua Ski Calamity
Sun, sea, sand, well-built hombre's in small bathing suits, Mazatlan is everything you could wish for on a long winter holiday. Boats, sunscreen, rum-related judgment-imparing drinks, what could possibly go sideways?
Relevance: 83.5%
7.5 KB
26. 2007 Darwin Award: A Prop-er Sendoff
Australia | When you work as a diver on a pearl farm, there are many ways to 'buy the farm.' The head diver, known as Sharky, was not afraid to take risks to get the job done. He was a loose gun in a company of cowboys...
Relevance: 83.5%
7.3 KB
27. 1999 Personal Account: North Pacific Deckpecker
Most sailors tales are legends, wearing truths disguise; just deep sea blue embroidery, and some are downright lies. But I'll tell you a true sea story, just
Relevance: 83.5%
6.7 KB
28. 2001 Darwin Award: Snowmoboater
Almost from the time we climbed down from the trees to light the first fire, we have been developing new and creative ways to make our lives easier. Centuries ago, the hardy peoples of the Arctic found that sliding on
Relevance: 82.1%
8.7 KB
29. 2000 Personal Account: Round Lake Short Cut
While the story of the Dog and the Jeep may be a legend, it is almost certainly based on a true event or almost-event. I have had the dubious pleasure of living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are a number of individuals
Relevance: 80.8%
7.8 KB
30. 2007 Personal Account: Bicycle Chain of Accidents
This account is testament to the intelligence of teenagers, who are prone to recklessness. One Sunday afternoon, our gang took it into our brains that, since we live near the sea, it would be fun to play on the cliffs...
Relevance: 79.4%
8.4 KB
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