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1. 2008 Darwin Award: Organ Donors
California | Two dirtbikes, two drivers, two passengers. Zero helmets, zero headlights, and a new moon...
Relevance: 100%
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2. 2006 Darwin Award: Footloose in the Footwell
Australia | Police wished to question Gareth, 38, in connection with a stabbing. But he evaded that unpleasant business by an accidental shot to the groin...
Relevance: 100%
5 KB
3. 2010 Darwin Award: Tiny Elec Fence
An electrical discharge made toast of municipal guard Arthur de Souza Coelho, 47, on Sunday evening. According to police reports, he had installed a tiny electric fence around his car to protect against the frequent
Relevance: 98.6%
5.1 KB
4. 2008 Darwin Award: Shopping Cart Crash
Florida | Just because you see it online does not mean it's a good idea. Cameron, 18, was joyriding in a shopping cart as he held onto a moving SUV. An eyewitness said, 'It's irresponsible behavior, but what do you expect from kids?'
Relevance: 98.6%
5.1 KB
5. 2010 At-Risk Survivor: Skate The Interstate
The Burlington Free Press reported that a man with a suspended driver's license was caught pulling a sled behind his vehicle along Interstate 89. The driver was trying to switch places with the sled rider...
Relevance: 95.9%
5.3 KB
6. At-Risk Survivor: Brothers Well Met
Maine | Maine | Could it be genetic? Two brothers, 17 and 18, were conversing on their cell phones, when they ran into each other...
Relevance: 95.9%
5.3 KB
7. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Clap Clap Clap Your Hands
Eyewitness Account: 'I was driving down the road when the car in front of me suddenly accelerated, then stopped accelerating but continued going straight as the road curved, ultimately crashing into a rail
Relevance: 95.9%
5.1 KB
8. 2008 Darwin Award: Clotheslined!
Florida | A 37-year-old man tried to cross the Manasota Key drawbridge on his motorcycle. Wearing only swim trunks and sneakers, the man was seen racing at high speed towards the gap...
Relevance: 94.6%
5.2 KB
9. 2010 Darwin Award: Textbook Double Double Darwin
Who would park the car on a busy freeway, in the slow lane, in heavy fog, for a quickie? These things happen on the 'Via Dutra', the major freeway between Rio de Janiero
Relevance: 94.6%
5.7 KB
10. 2008 Darwin Award: Pillar Of Strength
For several days Johannesburg office workers watched a demolition worker slowly chip away at a pillar supporting the concrete slab above him. One observer said, 'I wondered how they would drop that section.' T
Relevance: 93.3%
5.4 KB
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