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1. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Mr. Tinker
Rob says, 'My father-in-law tinkers and most often fixes things. I have seen him take apart toasters, motors, electronics, and power washers. He often has several projects on the go. One day he came home with a neighbour
Relevance: 100%
5.7 KB
2. 2000 Personal Account: Why I'm the Last of Nine Children
How my father nearly eliminated himself from the gene pool. My father tried various methods to eliminate himself from the gene pool. Most methods were mundane: slow suicide by tobacco, alcohol use, an
Relevance: 97.1%
5.9 KB
3. 2004 Personal Account: Blast from the Past
My father and uncle were reminiscing about their youth, and shared a rather Darwinian story. In their twenties, they succeeded in assembling one great car out of three junkers. After they accomplished this, they
Relevance: 97.1%
5.8 KB
4. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Popsicle
In the mid-eighties my father sailed on the research ship Regina Maris to study whale populations in Greenland. One night he noticed there were a lot of icebergs floating by the boat. Icebergs! After drinking
Relevance: 95.6%
6.5 KB
5. 2002 Personal Account: Anchor Man
Mick was helping my father Ken move our family from a 4th-story flat to a house across the road. The two friends, healthy young policemen, discovered that 1960s appliances are extremely heavy. Luckily they were creative thi
Relevance: 95.6%
5.6 KB
6. 2001 Personal Account: Wasps
When I was ten we had a five-foot hedge bordering our yard. My father decided to cut it down to two feet, so he pulled out his heavy-duty hedge clippers and set about the job. When he was three quarters done, he hit a wasp's nes
Relevance: 92.7%
6.2 KB
7. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: My Father, the PhD
This is the World's Best At-Risk Survivor. Let an amused daughter tell you about her sire. 'This weekend was the final straw. Being an extremely cost-conscious person, Dad decided that putting half a can of varn
Relevance: 88.4%
7.9 KB
8. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: The Great Fruitcake Incident
Reading 'My Father, the PhD' reminded me of my own father, and in particular, one little incident that came to be known as The Great Fruitcake Incident...
Relevance: 88.4%
8 KB

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