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11. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: The Mane Attraction
One day a young man living in Wroclaw received a letter in a large envelope. One look and he knew it was THAT letter. In Poland, when a man turns 18 he must allow the medical commission to determine whether he i
Relevance: 82.4%
7.7 KB
12. 2008 Darwin Award: Pining Away
Darwin Award: Pining Away: Three young men had finished basic training and were spending their few days of leave with one's grandmother. Grandmother had a swing job, so the privates were left alone late into the night...
Relevance: 78.3%
9 KB
13. 1999 Personal Account: Industrious Brain Dead Private
Brett was a member of 3AD 2/67th Armor -March '91 During Desert Storm there were relatively few casualties. Most of those that did occur were Darwinian in nature: put a few dummies around guns, tanks, grenades, and the like, and you've got to expect stuff to happen. Here is
Relevance: 77%
8.4 KB
14. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Chutes and Spills
A group of Marines located some surplus parachutes that had been taken out of active circulation. The silk chutes were good for nothing more than providing shade in Iraq--or midsummer mischief...
Relevance: 75.6%
10 KB
15. 2000 Personal Account: Instant Sunrise
The worst case scenario was averted at the last second, but I'm sending it in anyway for your review. I was stationed at an air base in Michigan, from which we flew B-52 bombers. One of my jobs was to haul nuclear weap
Relevance: 71.6%
18.6 KB
16. 1999 Darwin Award: Resistance is Futile
A US Navy safety publication describes injuries incurred while doing don't's. One page described the fate of a sailor playing with a multimeter in an unauthorized manner. He was curious about the resistance level
Relevance: 71.6%
13.1 KB
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