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1. 1999 Darwin Award: Liposuction Tragedy
David, a 44-year-old Mineola man, was so desperate to be rid of his flab that he allowed his friend to perform liposuction on him in his garage. David died in this make-shift medical clinic, the victim of lidocaine
Relevance: 100%
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2. 2007 Personal Account: Big Bang Theory
A patient had sustained serious injuries from a fishing accident, including a ruptured eyeball and total hearing loss in one ear. Both legs were amputated mid-thigh. How did the normally mild sport of fishing become so dangerous?
Relevance: 97.2%
5.6 KB
3. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Single Bud Vase
MEDICAL REPORT: I was a nurse on a busy surgical unit, and I received a report that a young patient was arriving with 'severe penile lacerations.' I could not imagine what this poor lad had done to injure himself. T
Relevance: 97.2%
5.5 KB
4. 2008 At-Risk Survivor: Battered Sausage
Our young hero, accompanied by his concerned young girlfriend, sought professional medical advice. Upon entering the examination room, the young man gingerly lowered his pants and asked for advice...
Relevance: 97.2%
5.9 KB
5. 2007 Personal Account: A Highly Improbable Trajectory
In a suburban ER, the first patient of the evening was a young man suffering fron a gunshot wound. Billy the Kid claimed it was a drive-by shooting, but the bullet traced a highly improbable trajectory...
Relevance: 95.8%
5.5 KB
6. 2001 Personal Account: Horsing Around
I was the emergency room physician at a small rural hospital in Ohio, when a man in his early thirties signed in. He refused to tell the nurse what was wrong. 'Something private to discuss with the doctor' usually means
Relevance: 95.8%
5.7 KB
7. 2008 Darwin Award: Going to Seed
Darren was dumb even for a junkie. But what he lacked in IQ he made for up in creativity. In the supermarket, he notice a bag labeled 'Birdseed 100% Poppy Seed.' Poppy Seed = Opium! He figured he was onto something good...
Relevance: 95.8%
6.5 KB
8. 2007 Personal Account: Hedge Your Bets
Canada | This bright chap got the idea of holding his lawn mower sideways and applying it to his hedge. He was holding the mower deck trimming the hedge, and things were going well, when...
Relevance: 94.4%
5.7 KB
9. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: White Spirit
Marie-Eve writes: I would like to submit a friend's accident to the Darwin Awards Supreme Court. He doesn't deserve First Prize, but hopefully he could reach the level of special mention...
Relevance: 94.4%
5.9 KB
10. 2008 Darwin Award: Not a Shred of Sense
The ambulance responded to a frantic call concerning a neighbor's trip through a tree shredder. It seems the individual had decided to prune his own trees, rather than hire a professional. After all, the local shop rented shredders...
Relevance: 93%
7 KB
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