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1. 2008 Darwin Award: Shopping Cart Crash
Florida | Just because you see it online does not mean it's a good idea. Cameron, 18, was joyriding in a shopping cart as he held onto a moving SUV. An eyewitness said, 'It's irresponsible behavior, but what do you expect from kids?'
Relevance: 100%
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2. 2010 At-Risk Survivor: Skate The Interstate
The Burlington Free Press reported that a man with a suspended driver's license was caught pulling a sled behind his vehicle along Interstate 89. The driver was trying to switch places with the sled rider...
Relevance: 98.6%
5.5 KB
3. 2009 Darwin Award: A Shoe-In Winner
A U2 subway driver found a body laying besides the underground tracks in Berlin. Because there were no video surveillance cameras at that location, it took police two days to reconstruct what had happened. App
Relevance: 97.2%
6.3 KB
4. 2008 Darwin Award: Wheel Of Fortune
Michigan | During the ski season at Sugarloaf, a new lift operator was assigned to work the bottom of Lift 2. He was greatly impressed by the bull wheel that turned slowly above his head. The giant spokes on the wheel were impossible to resist...
Relevance: 95.8%
6.3 KB
5. 2005 Darwin Award WINNER: 'Plug Me In'
Nguyen, 21, had been drinking with friends in the Tu Liem district of Hanoi, when he pulled out an old detonator he had found. The detonator was about six centimeters long and 8 centimeters in diameter, with two wires
Relevance: 94.5%
6.7 KB
6. 2009 Darwin Award: Race To The Bottooommm
Jake reached the summit of Saddle Mountain on Saturday afternoon, and then and there he informed his friends that he had planned a controlled slide down the cliff face. He would meet up with them in the parki
Relevance: 94.5%
6.7 KB
7. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Ninja Wannabe
Seattle Police were searching for a reported assault victim when they heard screams of dire pain, and followed their ears to a grisly scene: a man impaled on a fence post!
Relevance: 93.1%
6 KB
8. 2005 Personal Account: Captain Magneto
During my days in the Canadian Air Force I worked at the Gliding School instructing cadets. A magneto uses magnets to produce a powerful high-voltage electric current to fire the starters of an aircraft. One night w
Relevance: 93.1%
5.7 KB
9. At-Risk Survivor: A Slippery Slope
UK | The seaside town at the mouth of the river Yare keeps a modern lifeboat at anchor in the harbour, but the old lifeboat shed is nearby. Its cobbled slipway descended straight into the river. The next stop is the coast of Holland...
Relevance: 91.7%
6 KB
10. 2009 Darwin Award: Double Parking
Philippines | This small island nation has already produced several illustrious winners. Now, they offer up that rare oddity, the Double Darwin Award. We begin with two businessmen who own adjacent restaurants...
Relevance: 91.7%
7 KB
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