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1. 2002 Darwin Award: Firecracker Chainsaw Massacre
A Croatian was killed while trying to open a hand grenade with a chainsaw. He wanted to retrieve the explosive to make firecrackers for the New Year's holiday.
Relevance: 100%
4.5 KB
2. 2000 Personal Account: Why I'm the Last of Nine Children
How my father nearly eliminated himself from the gene pool. My father tried various methods to eliminate himself from the gene pool. Most methods were mundane: slow suicide by tobacco, alcohol use, an
Relevance: 87%
5.9 KB
3. 2007 Darwin Award: Electronic Fireworks
Netherlands | The first Darwin Award of 2007 goes to Serge, 36, who thought it reasonable to hover over an illegal professional firework and light the electronic ignition with an open flame...
Relevance: 87%
5.9 KB
4. 2008 Honorable Mention: Roundabout Rocket
Two boys were playing with miniature rockets. Between the two of them, the idea was formed to tie a string around the rocket, tether it to the backyard birdbath, and thereby cause it to whirl around the sky...
Relevance: 84.4%
6 KB
5. 2008 Honorable Mention: Missionary Kid
Indonesia | I was a missionary kid, 9 years old and fascinated with fireworks. My favorites was the Roman candle. One day I had a
Relevance: 83.1%
6.7 KB
6. Honorable Mention: Helmet Head
Indiana | At a party near Nashville, a young man was drinking and watching people set off fireworks when a great idea occurred to him. He could improve upon this amateur fireworks display! He put down his drink and set to work...
Relevance: 83.1%
8.9 KB
7. 2009 Honorable Mention: Homemade Howitzer
I was the lucky orthopedics resident on call on July 4th when a gentleman reported to the trauma unit peppered with thousands of black spots of embedded gunpowder, face, chest, and arms...
Relevance: 81.8%
7 KB

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