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21. 2007 Personal Account: Bicycle Chain of Accidents
This account is testament to the intelligence of teenagers, who are prone to recklessness. One Sunday afternoon, our gang took it into our brains that, since we live near the sea, it would be fun to play on the cliffs...
Relevance: 78.3%
8.4 KB
22. 1998 Urban Legend: The Bricklayer
Accident Report This one needs an introduction, so you won't be lost at the beginning. This man was in an accident at work, so he filled out an insurance claim. The insurance company contacted him and asked for more information. This was his response: I am writing
Relevance: 78.3%
9.1 KB
23. 2013 Darwin Award: The Doors-Break On Through
A vodka-swilling pill-popping airline customer. A potted plant made of plastic. An airport security video showing the former climbing the latter. And then came the elevator... The death of a man who
Relevance: 78.3%
9.2 KB
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