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1. 2002 Darwin Award: Firecracker Chainsaw Massacre
A Croatian was killed while trying to open a hand grenade with a chainsaw. He wanted to retrieve the explosive to make firecrackers for the New Year's holiday.
Relevance: 100%
4.9 KB
2. 2001 At-Risk Survivor: Shell Necklace
A 19-year-old Spokane man damaged his hand while attempting to string a necklace of live ammunition. He was punching holes in the shell casings using an awl and hammer, when one of the projectiles exploded in his hands.
Relevance: 94.9%
5.5 KB
3. 2006 Darwin Award: Rolling Stones
Vietnam | A rolling stone is not the only thing that gathers no moss. Three men scavenging for scrap metal found an unexploded 500-pound bomb perched atop a hill near Hanoi, and decided to rely on a little help from Sir Isaac Newton...
Relevance: 91.1%
5.7 KB
4. 1998 Personal Account: Bubble Bath?
An alert firefighter relates the following tale: The call came in at 2PM. A structure fire in Palmer MA. As we approached the scene, our dispatcher notified us that the house trailer was fully involved. At the scene, we found smoke and flames coming out of the windows and
Relevance: 91.1%
4.8 KB
5. 2010 At-Risk Survivor: Anchor Bomb
Shiver me timbers! A man from Logmozero, Karelia, in northwestern Russia, was brought to the attention of police when concerned neighbors realized he was using a World War II aviation bomb as an anchor for his boat...
Relevance: 89.8%
5.9 KB
6. 2008 At-Risk Survivor: Spin Cycle
Two co-workers decided to celebrate the 4th of July in their own special way. The plan? They loaded an old washing machine with tens of pounds of firecrackers, lit a fuse, dropped the lid, and ran. Nothing happened...
Relevance: 88.6%
5.5 KB
7. 2002 Personal Account: The Answer Is...
This one did not make the press, but my colleagues in the hospital all vividly remember this patient. At best, he earns an At-Risk Survivor, since he did not die, nor did he lose his reproductive capacity. This young
Relevance: 88.6%
4.8 KB
8. 2008 At-Risk Survivor: A Cushioned Blow
Germany | A 42 year old man was badly injured by his air mattress one morning. The previous night he had inflated the punctured mattress with a tyre repair spray...
Relevance: 88.6%
6.1 KB
9. 2007 Personal Account: Big Bang Theory
A patient had sustained serious injuries from a fishing accident, including a ruptured eyeball and total hearing loss in one ear. Both legs were amputated mid-thigh. How did the normally mild sport of fishing become so dangerous?
Relevance: 88.6%
5.6 KB
10. 2007 Darwin Award: Ammo Dumps
Iraq | Securing an Iraqi ammunition holding area was a bit of a problem when my unit took over this large piece of real estate. Looters periodically showed up to steal brass from tank and artillery rounds stored in the bunkers...
Relevance: 88.6%
5.6 KB
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