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41. 1999 At-Risk Survivor: House Hunting Gone Awry
Several men were contracted to move a house about 500 yards, a short distance. Unfortunately they had to move it under several power lines that were the same height as the house. These quick-thinking men decided that one worker would ride on top of the
Relevance: 77.6%
8.8 KB
42. 2007 Urban Legend: Taser Test
A Rare Urban Legend! Last weekend I was at Larry's Pistol & Pawn, looking for a little something special for my wife, Renee. I came across a 100,000-volt pocket taser...
Relevance: 76.3%
8.1 KB
43. 2009 Darwin Award: Tennessee Pee
PERSONAL ACCOUNT / SEEKING Confirmation: A mile down the road from Middle Tennessee State University, a couple of young, very drunk MTSU frat boys climbed a barbed wire fence that was intended to keep lesser mortals o
Relevance: 76.3%
8.5 KB
44. 2000 Darwin Award: Do It Yourself, Do Yourself In
Ah, summer, the most blissful of seasons, when Darwin's most popular summertime activity -- do it yourself stupidity -- kicks into high gear. Meet Charles, 34, a Denver masonry contractor who works with
Relevance: 76.3%
9.3 KB
45. 1999 Darwin Award: Resistance is Futile
A US Navy safety publication describes injuries incurred while doing don't's. One page described the fate of a sailor playing with a multimeter in an unauthorized manner. He was curious about the resistance level
Relevance: 71%
12.3 KB
46. 2009 Darwin Award: Saw It Coming!
Pennsylvania | A severe storm damaged power lines supplying 17,000 homes. Seven hours after the electricity failed, Mieczyskaw Mil finally los hist patience. The old man had been shooed away repeatedly by firefighters who were guarding the power line...
Relevance: 69.7%
13.7 KB
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