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1. 2007 Darwin Award: Fatal a-Traction
UK | John, 71, used wood and rope to make a traction device to ease his wife's neck pain. But applying traction to the neck takes a delicate touch...
Relevance: 100%
5.9 KB
2. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: A Drilliant Idea
A Spokane man with a spray paint can learned the wrong way to get around a clogged nozzle. Fire officials say the man used a cordless drill to penetrate the pressurized can...
Relevance: 98.6%
5.5 KB
3. 2008 Darwin Award: An Illuminating Story
A 71-year-old pensioner met a shocking end when his sneaky attempt to illuminate his garden shed with power siphoned from the National Grid backfired spectacularly...
Relevance: 95.9%
6.5 KB
4. 2002 Darwin Award: The Worm Has Turned
It's a well-known fishing trick. Put 12V electrodes into the ground if you want worms come to the surface. One 23-year-old Laagendalsposten man withdrew his genes form the pool when he tried to speed up the process.
Relevance: 94.5%
6.5 KB
5. 2007 Darwin Award: Whac-A-Mole
Germany | A 63-year-old man's extraordinary effort to eradicate moles from his property resulted in a victory for the moles. The man pounded several metal rods into the ground and connected them to a high-voltage power line...
Relevance: 93.2%
7 KB
6. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Mr. Tinker
Rob says, 'My father-in-law tinkers and most often fixes things. I have seen him take apart toasters, motors, electronics, and power washers. He often has several projects on the go. One day he came home with a neighbour
Relevance: 93.2%
5.7 KB
7. 2007 Personal Account: Hedge Your Bets
Canada | This bright chap got the idea of holding his lawn mower sideways and applying it to his hedge. He was holding the mower deck trimming the hedge, and things were going well, when...
Relevance: 91.8%
5.7 KB
8. 2008 Darwin Award: Not a Shred of Sense
The ambulance responded to a frantic call concerning a neighbor's trip through a tree shredder. It seems the individual had decided to prune his own trees, rather than hire a professional. After all, the local shop rented shredders...
Relevance: 90.5%
7 KB
9. 2009 At-Risk Survivor: Motorized Bar Stool
Traffic officer Michael Trotter responded to assist the Newark Fire Department with a man who had suffered injuries from a crash--while driving a motorized barstool!
Relevance: 90.5%
6.4 KB
10. 2002 Personal Account: Repeat Offender
I recently created three opportunities to remove myself from the gene pool. God must have appreciated the humor I provided that day, as I was allowed to survive to share my experience with others. While working on the
Relevance: 87.8%
6.1 KB
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