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11. 2000 At-Risk Survivor: Armed and Dangerous?
When the masked man stormed into the Volksbank and demanded money, the teller complied. Like a child demanding candy, the robber held his bag open with both hands and waited
Relevance: 88.4%
5 KB
12. 2001 Darwin Award: God Saves?
'Generator thief cools off.' A wealth of literature makes it abundantly clear that deities often intercede to protect their sanctuaries from desecration. In light of this knowledge, two teen-agers who planned to burgle a ch
Relevance: 88.4%
5.5 KB
13. 2009 Darwin Award WINNER: Crushing Debt
2009 WINNER. Belgium | The city of Dinant is the backdrop for this rare Double Darwin Award. Two bankrobbers attempting to make a sizeable withdrawal from an ATM...
Relevance: 88.4%
6 KB
14. 2008 Darwin Award: Thou Shalt Not Steel
Czech Republic | Steel is valuable, especially the high grade alloy used in steel cable. Scrap metal dealers do not ask questions. They pay in cash. And a good supply of steel cable can be found in elevator shafts...
Relevance: 88.4%
5.5 KB
15. 2009 Darwin Award: Sparkleberry Lane
Interesting Disguise Idea Two disguised men entered the Sprint store on Sparkleberry Lane, pulled out guns, and stole wallets, purses, and credit cards before ordering the employees into a bathroom. Both men fled,
Relevance: 87.1%
5.5 KB
16. At-Risk Survivor: Molten Copper Shower
England | Police are hunting for a badly scorched would-be copper thief after finding a hacksaw embedded in an 11,000 volt power cable. The thief also left a lit blow torch at the scene...
Relevance: 85.8%
6.1 KB
17. 2014 Darwin Award: Crispy Copper Fries
The mummified remains of a man who was discovered in a Tucson manhole tell their own poignant story. The manhole, previously opened five years ago, was re-opened in May to investigate a fluctuation...
Relevance: 84.6%
6.3 KB
18. 2008 Darwin Award: Slippery When Wet
Sweden | The Darwin Awards have celebrated many bone-headed things burglars do in the commission of their crimes. For instance, taking a shortcut down a 55-foot sheer rock face. Early one morning, two men broke into a gymnasium...
Relevance: 84.6%
6.1 KB
19. 2001 Darwin Award: Killing Time
Electric trains in Glasgow collect power from the overhead cable, and transmit any excess through the rails to a solid copper cable that routes it to a power redistribution box. Copper is a favorite target for thieves. On
Relevance: 84.6%
6.6 KB
20. 1990 Darwin Award: Wrong Time, Wrong Place
A man tried to commit a robbery in Renton, WA. This was probably his first attempt, as suggested by the fact that he had no previous record of violent crime, and by his terminally stupid choices as listed below: 1. The target was H&J Leather
Relevance: 84.6%
6.8 KB
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