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1. 2001 Darwin Award: Enraged Elephant
Yet another safari tourist met with an early demise when she left the safety of the tour bus in order to frame a better picture. The woman, a volunteer with the US Peace Corps, and her camera were fatally trampled by
Relevance: 100%
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2. 2014 Darwin Award: Selfie With Elephant
Two men in Kenya were capturing selfies with a wild elephant when they were trampled to death by the irate pachyderm who proceeded to bury the corpses. The two men were actually touching the elephant's face
Relevance: 100%
5.5 KB
3. 1998 Personal Account: Bubble Bath?
An alert firefighter relates the following tale: The call came in at 2PM. A structure fire in Palmer MA. As we approached the scene, our dispatcher notified us that the house trailer was fully involved. At the scene, we found smoke and flames coming out of the windows and
Relevance: 97.2%
4.8 KB
4. 1999 At-Risk Survivor: Doggone Foot
A Port St. John resident was never what neighbors would describe as friendly, so they greeted news of his recent foot wound with amusement on Sunday. The man had been standing in
Relevance: 97.2%
4.9 KB
5. 2001 Darwin Award: Sheep Sleep
Police were baffled to discover a 20-year-old Bedouin shepherd shot dead in the middle of the desert. No one else was around, and no footprints led to or from the scene of the crime. Investigators from Sidi Barrani sifted
Relevance: 95.9%
5.2 KB
6. 2001 Darwin Award: Pig Jig
Two farmers were killed and a third was hospitalized with serious injuries after the men attempted to kill a pig with a homemade stun gun during a traditional Hungarian pre-Christmas slaughter. One farmer electrocuted himself
Relevance: 95.9%
5.2 KB
7. 2007 Darwin Award: Whac-A-Mole
Germany | A 63-year-old man's extraordinary effort to eradicate moles from his property resulted in a victory for the moles. The man pounded several metal rods into the ground and connected them to a high-voltage power line...
Relevance: 94.5%
6.1 KB
8. At-Risk Survivor: Snake in the Grass
Scotland | A hiker picked up a harmless grass snake so his brother could take a picture. Just as he reached for it, a black adder slithered into view...
Relevance: 94.5%
5.4 KB
9. 2001 Personal Account: Horsing Around
I was the emergency room physician at a small rural hospital in Ohio, when a man in his early thirties signed in. He refused to tell the nurse what was wrong. 'Something private to discuss with the doctor' usually means
Relevance: 93.2%
5.7 KB
10. 2007 Darwin Award: A Cow-ardly Death
Cambodia | Unwanted amorous advaces resulted in a man's death at the hooves of a violated bovine. Sounds of a scuffle culminated in the discovery of his naked body lying beneath the frightened family cow...
Relevance: 93.2%
5.7 KB
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