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1. 2006 Darwin Award: Hammer of Doom
Brazil | August brings us a winner from Brazil who tried to disassemble a Rocket Propelled Grenade by driving back and forth over it with a car. This technique was ineffective...
Relevance: 100%
7 KB
2. 2013 Darwin Award: Ecco L'allegro Saldatore
Mechanic Sérgio A. Rosa, 49, was welding a gas tanker that, curiously, exploded, sending his remains flying 400 meters through the air. Comments: 'A flammable materials tanker is like a gun. Never cons
Relevance: 91%
5.4 KB
3. 2003 Darwin Award: Workin' at the Car Wash
At work, Manoel Messias Batista Coelho was responsible for cleaning out the storage tanks of gasoline tanker trucks. He had been employed in that capacity for two months when he ran afoul of fuel. The 35-year-o
Relevance: 80.3%
6.2 KB
4. 2012 Darwin Award: Jack-In-The-Bus
The merits of this potential Darwin Award winner are solid, yet something stands in the way... Consider a bus traveling along the streets of a busy modern city such as Serra, Brazil. The bus driver, guided by instin
Relevance: 71.4%
8.6 KB
5. 1997 Darwin Award: No Bike Lane at the Airport
A bicyclist crossing an airport runway in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, was killed when he was hit by a landing airplane. Marcelo Dias dos Santos, 25, could not hear the plane coming because he was listening to his Walkman on headphones, investigators said.
Relevance: 57.1%
5.7 KB
6. 2010 Darwin Award: Tiny Elec Fence
An electrical discharge made toast of municipal guard Arthur de Souza Coelho, 47, on Sunday evening. According to police reports, he had installed a tiny electric fence around his car to protect against the frequent
Relevance: 55.3%
5.5 KB
7. 2010 Darwin Award: Textbook Double Double Darwin
Who would park the car on a busy freeway, in the slow lane, in heavy fog, for a quickie? These things happen on the 'Via Dutra', the major freeway between Rio de Janiero
Relevance: 53.5%
6.1 KB
8. 2002 Darwin Award: Bees 1, Humans 0
A farm keeper from São Paulo decided to remove a beehive from his orange tree. He didn't know exactly how to proceed, but he knew the hive should be burned, and he knew bees sting. So he protected his head with a plas
Relevance: 53.5%
5.1 KB
9. 2002 Darwin Award: Losing Face
Russian Roulette has always been a breeding ground for natural selection, but the men involved in this story deserve extra consideration for their unique approach to a self-destructive game. On New Year's Eve, Antonio
Relevance: 51.7%
5.6 KB
10. 2002 Darwin Award: Jet Taxi
Airport taxi drivers frequently hear the announcement, 'The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only.' But Santos Dumont airport in Rio de Janeiro may need to add a new phrase: 'The runway is for take-
Relevance: 46.4%
6.9 KB
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