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1. 2014 Darwin Award: La Petite Mort
Humans who aspire to high levels of desire may join the 'mile-high club' yet our dreams of sex in high places also have couples eyeing more accessible heights such as rooftops and romantic balconies. Balcony balls ar
Relevance: 100%
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2. 1998 Darwin Award: Wife Tossing in Buenos Aires
Did he win the argument? It happened in February 1998 in a working-class Boedo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. During a heated marital dispute, a 25-year-old man picked up his 20-year-old wife and threw her off their eighth-floor apartment balcony. To his dismay, she became tangled in the power lines
Relevance: 78.5%
6.1 KB
3. 1997 Darwin Award: Clumsy Canadian Burglar
A suspected burglar fell to his death from the 12th story balcony early yesterday after being surprised by the Calgary apartment's occupants. Residents of the suite are shaken from the incident and baffled as to how the alleged intruder managed to access the balcony on the top floor
Relevance: 77.3%
5.6 KB
4. 2007 Darwin Award: Pushmi-Pullyu
Germany | Near midnight, a 49-year-old man attempted to impress his wife with his strength. He climbed over the balcony of their 7th floor flat, clung to the outside of the parapet, and began a set of pull-ups...
Relevance: 67.8%
6.4 KB
5. 1996 Darwin Award: One For the Birds
Man slips, falls 23 stories to his death. A man cleaning a bird feeder on his balcony of his condominium apartment in this Toronto suburb slipped and fell 23 stories to his death, police said Monday. Stefan Macko, 55, was standing on a wheeled chair Sunday when
Relevance: 59.5%
4.7 KB
6. 2011 Darwin Award: Planking Spanking
Planking! What's that? 'planking' is the peculiar practice of lying flat on your stomach in unusual locations. This Australian craze had infected poor, poor Mr. Acton B., Brisbane resident and former enthusiast.
Relevance: 51.1%
6.4 KB
7. 1999 Darwin Award: Dead Spitter
A 25-year-old soldier died of injuries sustained from a 3-story fall, precipitated by his attempt to spit farther than his buddy. His plan was to hurl himself towards a metal guardrail while expectorating, in order to add momentum to his saliva. In a tragic miscalculation, his
Relevance: 34.5%
6.1 KB
8. 2005 Darwin Award: What I Can Still Do
Two North Fort Myers residents, 23-year-old Molly and her husband, had rented a room in a local motel for some unspecified activity, perhaps involving perpetuation of the species. As Molly entered the second-flo
Relevance: 34.5%
5.3 KB
9. 2004 Darwin Award: Aim to Win
Ameer, a second-year engineering student at Carleton University, was celebrating his 20th birthday with friends in his 11th-floor apartment when they embarked on a spitting contest. His two friends had already made their
Relevance: 33.3%
5.8 KB

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