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1. 2000 Darwin Award: Can Duck Shooters Swim?
The start of the Victorian Duck Shooting season frequently ushers in a speedy reduction in the number of Australian duck shooters - and without the assistance of the anti-duck shootin
Relevance: 100%
11.7 KB
2. 1999 At-Risk Survivor: Nine Times a Loser
A bloke named Gordon from Darwin, Australia lost his arm, the use of his legs, and was revived three times on the operating table after an
Relevance: 83.3%
8.3 KB
3. 2011 Darwin Award: Planking Spanking
Planking! What's that? 'planking' is the peculiar practice of lying flat on your stomach in unusual locations. This Australian craze had infected poor, poor Mr. Acton B., Brisbane resident and former enthusiast.
Relevance: 70.5%
6.9 KB
4. 1999 Darwin Award: The Winner Gets... a Post Mortem
Drinking oneself to death need not be a long lingering process. Allan, a 33-year-old computer technician, showed his competitive spirit by dying
Relevance: 69.2%
7.2 KB
5. 1997 At-Risk Survivor: Stingy Scientist
By guest writer Fred Walker. Against animal testing? How about human animal testing? Dr. Jack Barnes, of Cairns, Australia, failed to halt the spread of his own mad scientist genes, but his survival wasn't due to a la
Relevance: 67.9%
6.4 KB
6. At-Risk Survivor: Stormwater Surfer
Australia | A 25-year-old Brisbane man came frightfully close to literally sucking himself down the drain of the gene pool. When flash floods turned Brisbane streets into raging rivers, he thought it would be fun to catch a wave on his surfboard...
Relevance: 62.8%
5.3 KB
7. 1998 Darwin Award: Basketball Player Takes a Dunking
A Melbourne, Australia man was playing basketball with his brother and 16-year-old cousin, using a hoop affixed to his garage. After slam-dunking the ball, he hung on the rim for a triumphant moment. The bricks gave way and the wall collapsed on the 20-year-old man, fatally crushing him. His name
Relevance: 61.5%
5.9 KB
8. 2000 Darwin Award: Hardheads
A 32-year-old man hitching a ride on a pallet truck died when the vehicle passed under a bridge at 55mph and the concrete overpass struck the man's head. The driver told police that he had warned the riders not to sit up the
Relevance: 60.2%
5.7 KB
9. 2000 Darwin Award: Elevator Wedgie
A 23-year-old man who dropped his keys down a lift shaft was killed when he tried to retrieve them. The man was entering a lift with two work mates when he accidentally dropped his key ring. He asked his mates to hold
Relevance: 57.6%
6.1 KB
10. At-Risk Survivor: Oops, Did It Again
Oops, Did It Again 31 July 2005, Darwin, Australia A 30-year-old resident of this aptly named town of about 60,000, nestled in the Northern Territories on the Sea of Timor, just wanted to go home. But he was thwa
Relevance: 57.6%
5.4 KB
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