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1. 1999 Darwin Award: Smarter Animals
An Iranian hunter was shot to death near Tehran by a snake that coiled around his shotgun as he pinned the reptile to the ground. Another hunter reported that that the victim, named Ali, tried to catch the snake alive by pressing the butt of his shotgun
Relevance: 100%
6.5 KB
2. 1999 Darwin Award: Wild Animal Lesson
A bus full of excited children can drive anyone to the brink of madness. Perhaps the actions of one bus driver can be explained by his proximity to a herd of shrieking kids. Xu, 41, was one
Relevance: 99.1%
6.2 KB
3. 2008 Darwin Award: Not Fast Enough Food
Peter G., 32, was passionate about animals. With his huge heart and gift of connecting with animals, he was the perfect volunteer at Safari's Animal Sanctuary in Broken Arrow. Perfect until he violated the rules and ente
Relevance: 63.4%
6.5 KB
4. 2009 Urban Legend: Bitter Biter Bit a Nitwit
'A raging raccoon has bitten off a pervert's penis as he was trying to rape the animal,' screams the headline. When most of us see a wild animal, raping it never enters our minds. Why would anyone...? A
Relevance: 58.2%
7.4 KB
5. 2000 Darwin Award: Human Hitching Post
On Thursday afternoon, 29-year-old Andrea was working with her young and spirited Arabian horse, which she had won in a lottery the previous year. The animal was only partially trained, and s
Relevance: 56.5%
14.9 KB
6. 2000 At-Risk Survivor: Woman Disarmed by Tiger
Volunteer lends a hand. A twenty-eight-year-old wildlife volunteer at the Prairie Wind Animal Refuge was demonstrating the gentility of a captive Siberian tiger to visitors when the tiger demonstrated a more fa
Relevance: 56.5%
5.5 KB
7. 2001 At-Risk Survivor: Hippo Hop
Before I retire this category, here's one last nutcase who learned a painful lesson while frolicking with large zoo animals. A Ukrainian woman hopped the fence at Kharkiv Zoo to swim with Masha the hippopotamus. The woman's
Relevance: 55.6%
6.4 KB
8. 2000 Urban Legend: Puffy Fox Cheeks
This whole story has been blown out of proportion, said a spokeswoman for the Over&Sons Garage. It is true that a man walked onto our forecourt in the Market Place with a fox under his arm last week, pushed the com
Relevance: 52.1%
7.9 KB
9. 2005 Darwin Award: Elephant Tail
It's no secret that elephants are big. Elephants eat hundreds of pounds of food a day just to maintain their weight. Indian elephants are nine feet tall at the shoulder, and the males have tusks that extend o
Relevance: 49.5%
6.2 KB
10. 2019 Darwin Award: Rhino Poacher Killed By Elephant And Eaten By Lions
It makes a funny headline, but it's no laughing matter. The elephant-trampled and lion-digested poacher had illegally crept into a national park with murder in mind, for there is
Relevance: 49.5%
5.8 KB
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